Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee is composed of representatives from Toronto Metropolitan University and MLSE, including our Future of Sport Lab Chair, Brian Cooper. Together, they are responsible for:

  • Oversight of programs and strategy for the Future of Sport Lab (FSL).

  • Appointment of Advisory Committee members.

  • Governance of key operating decisions and long-term strategic programs.

Brian Cooper

Chairman, FSL & Chairman, MKTG Canada

Dr. Cheri L. Bradish

Founding Manager/Director, FSL & Ted Rogers Director of Sport Business Initiatives, Toronto Metropolitan University

Cynthia Devine

Interim President & CEO and Chief Financial Officer, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Ralph Lean

Counsel in Residence, Ted Rogers School of Management, Toronto Metropolitan University

Steven Liss

Vice-President, Research & Innovation, Toronto Metropolitan University

Humza Teherany

Chief Technology & Digital Officer, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Sumit Arora

Vice President, Strategy & Analytics, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Advisor and Mentor Network

Our Advisor and Mentor Network is comprised of industry leaders with experience in the sport and entertainment business, sport technology, entrepreneurship and investment, and sport and data science. Advisors and mentors dedicate their time to advise FSL and startups on program and business growth, and represent Canada’s leading brands and sport properties, which have included some of the following:


FSL Operations Team

Our Operations Team manages all facets of the FSL, including the FSL Incubator program.

Dr. Cheri L. Bradish

Founding Manager/Director, FSL & Ted Rogers Director of Sport Business Initiatives, Toronto Metropolitan University

Katie Cheesbrough, Senior Manager and Head of Operations

Katie Cheesbrough

Senior Manager and Head of Operations, FSL

Renn Scott, Program Manager

Renn Scott

Senior Program Coordinator, FSL

Greg McIsaac

Communications and Marketing Director, FSL

Ellie Beadle, Program Coordinator

Ellie Beadle

Operations Coordinator, FSL

Samir Bhlatla, Marketing Program Coordinator

Samir Bhatla

Marketing Coordinator, FSL

Grayson Engelman, Marketing Program Coordinator

Grayson Engelman

Marketing Coordinator, FSL

Richard Norman, Communications and Marketing Director

Richard Norman

Post Doctoral Fellow

DMZ Lead

Naveed Tagari, Strategic Programs Specialist

Naveed Tagari

Strategic Programs Specialist, DMZ

MLSE Support

MLSE works with FSL to support startups through pilot programs into MLSE teams and venues, and collaborate with our network of key stakeholders engaged in the FSL Incubator.

Connor King

Director, Strategy & Innovation, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

  • The FSL is MLSE’s first large-scale academic collaboration, and is one of the first of its kind in North America.

  • This unique academic-industry model will provide unprecedented opportunities in sport business for students, researchers and entrepreneurs alike.

  • FSL activities will include applied research, needs assessments, insight challenges, research forums and support for start-ups.